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Another Day Another Ilmess



It never ceases to amaze me just how poorly my daughters can get ill and just how quickly they become well again. The eldest is now unwell. She appears to have been struck down by a very severe case of schoolitis. Although genuine illness can't be ruled out, hence a day off school for her and a trip to the Doctors.

I always work on the assumption that; They maybe able to pull the wool over my eyes but not the Doctors. So its' off to the surgery (again) and hopefully some rather unpleasant tasting anti biotics just to top off her day.

This has the double edged affect of

1, appealing to my parental right to annoy the hell out of my kids and,

2, if she is ill-to put her on a speedy road to recovery.

My Darling wife has achieved what is a first for our family and certainly unheard of by me, she has snapped the wiper stork in her (my) car. This is very, very annoying because now she has invoked that seemingly unfathomable spousely right to say, "ooh it's broke"and "can you get it fixed for me, can I use your car (which was hers but she took my new one off me for herself ..........see what I mean) and whilst you are getting that fixed can you get a new tyre put on it?" etc. etc. etc.

Oh and another thing why is it when she is off I wouldn't dare to ask why the housework/ironing/bed changing etc hasn't been done, but when I'm off she can? It's probably because I'm an under the thumb, hen-pecked down trodden husband or maybe it's because I'm a bone idle couldn't be bothered bloke? <_<


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