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A Weekend Off

Flat land Andy


Has been a very long time since I have made an entry in here. But this weekend I have the time to catch up with a few things that I have not been done around the house.

My son Adam is walking the Macmillan Way and we are at the stage where we are having to travel 150 mile to each stage and staying overnight before walking the next, before traveling home to work. But this weekend we are having off to recharge before traveling down next friday where will stay until we have finished, there are 81 miles left. We have done 209 miles in 15 days over the course of 3 months.

Adam is bearing up well but one little concern is that he has not put any weight on for the last 3 months but we are keeping an eye. Fundraising is going well and we have had good coverage in the local paper (the Evening Telegraph). We have taken 96 photos so far which you can see on the Macmillan Way gallery, as well as the diary which you can find on our website www.dodsonchallenges.co.uk . If you find the site interesting please tell other people as this will help increase our coverage.

What has happened to the weather, has been the same now for 5 days grey cold and damp, have not seen the sun for 5 days. Work has been well intense, have been dressed up as Oompa-loompas while replacing asbetos roofs, great fun.

Must dash before wifey finds me sitting around doing nothing.


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