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Conjunctivitus - Part 2

snow raven


My turn this time <_< Been ill for weeks with a cold/chest infection/cough and general exhaustion and low and behold, I woke up this morning unable to prize my eyes open. My left eye took around 2 minutes to open, but my right eye, which has it really bad took a bit longer. Its all horrid, red and swollen - this morning it actually looked like I had been punched in my eye :nonono:

Still, I have started a course of eye drops that the lovely Mr Raven purchased for me in boots, and they cleared Emily's eyes up within 3 days. And considering I think over the course of the 3 days Emily had it, we only managed to get drops in about twice, hopefully it will be quicker for me :unsure:

I have the doctors on tuesday to see if they can give me some antibiotics for my chest infection and then hopefully I shall be on the road (finally, after 6 weeks) to recovery.

The lesson I have learned though is not to battle into work when feeling so ill - I got no thanks for it, and was eventually sent home when I collasped on the way up the stairs to work on thursday!


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I thought you'd been rather quiet recently... Take care hun, and I hope you feel better very soon. x

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You poor thing, been through the wringer a bit recently :nonono:

Put your feet up, forget about work for a few days and send yourself mad with daytime telly (does that to me :whistling: )

Take care hun ;)

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It sounds nasty- hope you get better.

Yes, it is tempting to go to work no matter what- but sometimes an illness is sufficiently bad that it isn't possible to work properly or efficiently. I agree with the suggestions above by Katie.

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Remember that there are many far more important things in life than work. Your health included!! Take care SR, get your feet up, watch Jeremy Kyle on ITV in the morning and you'll soon feel better. (Mrs Catch loves him :nonono: )

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