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Long Time..



...no writey my blog!

All is grand in the world of Roo and Little Roo....she's now had the second set of jabs, and was her usual calm and friendly self, even managing a smile for the girl who had jabbed her! :unsure: :nonono::nonono:

She's still a teeny little scrap (8 1/2lbs), but is really getting on fast: her latest trick is being able to sit up for a few seconds. Oh, and the other big trouble is she is beginning to be able to move herself...this morning when I lay her on her front she did that wriggle that soldiers do when trying to get under nets on assault courses, and moved herself forward.....oh gawd! the fun starts here! <_< :blink:

We think because she's got hardly any fat (much though we'd love her to) she finds it much easier to do things like hold her head, sit up, etc.....

The other glorious thing is that she now refuses to be put down on her back for too long as she wants to be sitting looking at everything around her. She is so much fun, and is all smiles and giggles (when she's not screaming blue murder! :blink: :blink: ).

But I think within a few weeks she's is going to be trouble.....the minute she can move, her small size means she'll be off like a rocket across the floor.

Anyway, here's some more pics of the little Nellie...




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I can relate to your worries !! ollie will be on the move soon as well i think. As soon as he realised that his legs and arms can move to get him going !

She is a cutie :wub:

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How old is she now? Tilly's already over 9lbs but we have big bruisers in our family :doh:

It's a constant thing with little ones, of looking forward until they can do things, then regreting the fact you can't leave them be without them trying some acrobatics :rolleyes:

Enjoy her while she is small, they really grow up so fast it's scary :unsure:

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She's now 15 weeks but, like I say, is a scrap. She's below the centiles in weight, but is chuntering up in a nice curve nonetheless...she's just doing it all at her own pace! :rolleyes::D Apparently she's typical of some preemies...

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