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Hmmmmmm What A Boring Week



Hey guys!!

Hope your all having a good weekend,its nearly midnight and im up writing a blog entry!!hmmmmm??!! <_< :unsure:

Anyway,its cos i cant sleep,something im not too good at recently,ive no idea why.

Had a very boring week,not heard anything about any jobs,im beginning to think im unemployable!

Diets going pants!! not really been bothering,im so rubbish,but i cant resist bad food!!! :nonono:

Ummmm boring weekend so far really,been looking at tents yet again,the o/h still cant decide,i expect we will miss this summer at this rate! :nonono:

Been down to see my brother alot lately and sister in law and her ever growing bump!! ahh its so exciting,i saw the scan photos last weekend,they were lovely,it was also rather funny watching my beloved o/h sat for ages trying to work out where the head was etc!! he hasnt seen a scan before!!Bless!!

Valentines day went well,had a great day and had a couple of lovely gifts,was very impressed and i didnt have to cook!yey! :blink:

Having a problem with the rubbish ebay too,bought a new phone and it has yet to arrive,im not getting anywhere contacting the seller!seems a bit dodgy,if only other sellers where as good as me at selling!!lol! :blink:

Anyway thats it for now,i should be getting some sleep but we'll see!?i think ill be counting sheep all night.........3450,3451..................6789.6790......!!!!!!!! :blink:

(attached are my 2 neices sasha and chloe!!)

Night everyone,

Beth xx


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