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Looking Forward To Next Week!

Flat land Andy


Have had a nice quite weekend at home and it has made be very pleasant. Oh well back to work tomorrow at least the weather is going to make things interesting this week. Sorted out the bag for the lorry, clothes, food, cooker (gas stove), sleeping bag plus the other odd bits I might need to spend the night in the cab. The lorry only being a baby its not designed for over night stops, the weather for the beginning of the week does not seem to bad so hopefully I will not need it. I am working in Lincolnshire next week and we might catch a shower as they pace down the East Coast. Wifey sorting the things she needs for the car as well.

Adam (number one son) is spending 3 days on a school trip this week so we are going to have a nice brake in the middle of the week, he’s have a geography field trip, 31 ten year olds in a field by a river, how would be a teacher!

Finished the walk last week end and fund raising is going farley well £1600 so far and we still need to get the sponsorship forms back in. We have been contacted by a national magazine how wants to print the story. So hopefully this will fall right to promote the three-peak challenge. Finished down loading the photos into the Macmillan Way album and have updated the diary on the web site as well

Time to go, hopefully now we have finished the walk I will have more time to post more blogs.

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I've been folowing the progress of the lad's walk through your and Mrs D's blogs. This is for him : :D:clap::clap::D .

Really admire his determination and dedication. McMillan nurses have treated people who I know in the last year(plus) and I know what a superb job they do.

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