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Sad Update

Kentish Snowgirl


Haven't posted for a while, but decided to update blog.

My first blogs were about how my Dad had been ill and what a brilliant recovery he had made. Sadly he died 4 weeks ago.

He had been admitted to hospital as unwell with vomiting and couldn't stand as dizzy, they thought it might be vertigo, did a CT scan the next day due to his head injury in October, but nothing showed up. Two days later they couldn't wake him and called for us, he had suffered a massive stroke and would be unlikely he would recover. He remained unconscious but there was a glmmer of hope as all he could move was his right hand and a couple of times he touched his head when we told him to, but sadly his condition and breathing got worse and he died 2 days later, two days before his birthday. It was a comfort to us to know that he could hear that we were with him.

Life slowly getting back to normal although I admit to teary times. Doesn't seem four weeks ago that he died. The support from my wonderful boyfriend has been tremendous and don't think I would have got through the worse times without him. Everyone says things will get better and I know it will in time. We've had a few laughs about things he said or would have said during the preparations for his funeral and burial. Apparently its cheaper to be buried 6 foot down rather than 3 foot, as more ecological friendly. Mum said thats fine as he hated archaeologists, so when they dig him up in 500 years times they will have to dig twice as far to get to him!

Anyhow, as he would have said, time to get back to work. Its the weekend and can't wait! Roll on 5!


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So sorry to hear your news :(

Losing a parent is indescribable, my dad died when he was only 58.

Talk to people about your feelings and if you think your family/friends have had enough of you, PM me and have a winge ;)

Take care and big hugs

Katie :)

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad, when my mum died 5 years ago I thought I would never get over it a friend of mine sent me this simple message and it really made me feel alot better

"There is not enough darkness in all the universe to put out the light of one small candle" - I hope it lightens your way to. Your dad will be with you always in your memory and your heart and NOTHING can take that away. Take care of you x

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I am sorry to hear about your loss. Having lost my Dad jsut 3 years after he retired, then my Mum and 16 weeks after her my sister I understand how you must be feeling. Remember he will always be in your thoughts and in your heart and as such will necer be far away. There are times when you will feel lost and low and times when you will be able to smile about things that he said or did. If you feel the need to moan or scream and shout at someone, I'm here and I will understand. Take Care and God bless

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