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Lilly Savage



Today was the day christened Christmas by Burnley FC fans across the world. We were to take on Blackburn Rovers on home soil. Roads were closed, police everywhere and a few aeroplanes with banners attached.I had butterflies in my stomach all morning and was only made worse when a plane flew over with the words "Up the Clarets" attached.The game started, very scrappy, Blackburn (apologies for swearing), started well to the annoyance of the Burnley faithful, tackles flying everywhere and Lilly Savage given a great reception.0-0 at half time. We had a chance of winning this now, we had a chance of paying back our neighbours, because while they had their own sugar daddy in the nineties taking them to success, we were fighting to stay in the football league.We did play them twice in the 2000/2001 season. Best forgotten though, at Turf Moor they beat us 2-0 and then destroyed us at Ewood 5-0.We were the far better side in the second half to start of with and despite pitch invasions including streakers and supporters wanting to kick 10 bells out of Lilly we managed a 0-0 draw.I can only think we deserved more, but now we have to go to that grave, Ewood.March 1st is the day. Our final chance to show Blackburn Rovers who is the pride of Lancashire despite what another aeroplane circling the ground this afternoon said.pride1.jpgpride2.jpgpride3.jpg


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