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Kites And Goons...



well another mad afternoon on the forum is rapidly developing.....and it all started with OON...yet again! After a failed mission to kidnap his sheep last night and the prospect of more snow today, I guess it was kinda inevitable really wasn't it???? Oh well.... roll on summer!Anyway, on another topic completely, I forgot to mention about part of my weekend....it involves a big hawk and the M40. Confused? well you're obviously not a bird person then!!!No, seriously, they have reintroduced Red Kites into this country in locations in the Chilterns, Wales and SW Scotland....and the Chilterns ones have really flourished and can be commonly seen hanging about over the M40 (close to the Stokenchurch Junction in case you want to go see yourself! My advice is to go on one of the B roads close by and then you can stop and watch them). They are really beautiful birds, with red forked tails and white and black wings...and they're pretty big too (bit bigger than buzzard size!). Anyway after having seen them whilst driving a few times we thought we'd stop off on the way back from my friend's house and see if we could see them....At this point it should be noted that the first rule of nature/bird watching is that if you're told something will 'definitely' be there then it's odds on you won't see hide nor hair of it, but in this case it's right...kites to the left of us, kites to the right.....we saw 40 of the darn things (having before spent 4 hours in a field in scotland looking for them and having seen nothing, nada, zip, nil, niente, this was a bit of a surprise to me!!!)Anyway, they are fantastic birds and one even came within 20 feet which was amazing!....So if you live close, get out there and see them...it's well worth it!! :p


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