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Osbourne One-Nil


Had my haircut in Carlisle yesterday. I look great. The owner of the salon was going around giving everyone their wage packets. He handed them to the blokes, but with the girls, he popped them, slowly, into their back pockets. When he did this to my hairdresser, I said "do you think youo should be doing that?" to which he replied "Oh...they like it and I like it" to which I replied "I don;t think they do like it....have you ever asked them?" Off he went. My hairdresser was very pleased with me, and consequently didn't make me look like a gay marine.

Went off after that to get my new car, which should have been exciting, but wasn't. I'm so depressed with the cost of life nowadays, and it's the 3rd CR-V I've had, broken only by a stupid interlude with a Renault Scenic for a year. Anyway, when they were handing the car over, and had finished their demonstration of how to sit on the seat, and how the steering wheel works, they showed me the boot, which had a bouquet of flowers in. "We like the lady of the house to have something to look forward to as well" he said to me. Bloody hell....is a brand new car to dent the doors on and drive slightly too close to stone walls when passing other cars not enough? Flowers for the women....how sexist. I took the label off and have pretended they're from me.


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I took the label off and have pretended they're from me.

Lol :lol: :clap:

Mrs OON doesn't deserve such a romantic as you :rolleyes:

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Isn't he a sweetie - deep down!Gay marine? HA HA HA HA HA. You've got yourself a new nickname.

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"I took the label off and have pretended they're from me."

A good few years ago when I worked in car sales we used to give flowers away when we handed over a car. The above reminds me of a guy who bought a used car just before his wifes birthday (the car wasn't for his wife) and came in a week before his car was to be picked up and said "If you give away flowers can I pick them up before I pick my car up, as it is my wifes birthday on Tuesday"

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I never got flowers for MrsL when I got a new car. I just got told how to start it.

You a lucky man to be given an opportunity by another to show how much you love your other half.

Thinking about it though, they did leave a first aid box in the boot....

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