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Osbourne One-Nil


Day started off quite oddly. I had a vivid dream last night whereby myself and Babbydoodles were both playing for Ipswich against Manchester Utd. Babbydoodles was on the ball and all she had to do was pass to me and I've have scored, but instead she went for glory and missed by a mile. At the end of the match I had a real go at her, and my mum and dad shouted at me, which made me angry. Anyway, when I woke up, Mrs OON informed that that in the night I'd grabbed her and started shouting at her about passing something. Can you imagine how upset I was? Getting violent with Mrs OON and not remembering it? (It's ok by the way, misogyny is fine where I live). Actually, there is one occasion where I was even more frustrated about not remembering something I did in my sleep, but some things are best left unmentioned in public.

Anyway, had a nice day, finished my roof, just been watching QI and now have a real craving for some custard. I can't find any custard, so I'm eating a tin of mandarins. Doesn't quite hit the spot when you want custard. If you're wondering why watching QI should give me a craving for custard, then it's your fault for being common and not watching BBC2 on Saturday night.


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