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Daily Weather

A Gower Guy


Wednesday 10th May

The day was generally sunny and warm around 19°c howeve an omonus storm cloud appeared after 7pm and herolded an evening to remember.

What an evening it was, just before 9pm the activity really kicked off, with some lightning and odd rumbles of thunder, with almost perfect visibility (no low cloud or rain clouds sweeping over the landscape) the lightning was great and nearly every one was visible, although we did get a power surge just before 10 (possibly storm related?). Not much rain around here although what we did get made it breezy, the storm seemed to fizzle away after coming overhead around 10:30pm, but it was interesting seeing the lightning get closer and closer as it moved over Swansea.

A BBC report on the storms across south wales


(above plus pictures and other storm memories will appear on my site soon)


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Thursday 11th May

Mainly sunny with an early evening thunderstorm to the west producing nothing more than a few rumbles, highs today were 21.8°c, which is my highest this year so far.

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Friday 12th May 2006:

Dry and sunny start, more cloud than yesterday and generally medium to high level, had a heavy shower (in terms of rain drops) around 4pm and it has been threatening to do so again since.

today was again the warmest day of the year, and was recorded early in the afternoon.

Highs today of 22.4°c, min overnight of 10.8°c

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Been a pleasant week after the thundery rain on Sunday night, with high the last few days around 20 to 22°c

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This week so far hasn't been to bad, it was fairly wet in the early hours of Monday Morning, but brightened up later in the day, Tuesday had some sunny spells too.

Today has bee the sunniest of the past few with highs of around 21°c, with an overnight low of 14.0°c.

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