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Well It Has Finally Happened

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


A little while since my last blog and I am not sure I can remember everything that has happened, but the most recent and disruptive is that on Friday 5.5.06 I received a phone call from an estate agents asking when they could come and take photographs and measurements as the landlord was selling the house.

The letting agents had not advised us and to be honest I was a little annoyed! We have been here 5 years and they didn't even have the decency to tell us! It was the estate agents that told us they had it on their records that we had to be out by 4th July.

Consequently both I and the estate agents tried to get some response from the lettings agent and eventually, after numerous phone calls and emails, I received a phone call 5 hours after the estate agents phone call, confirming that we have to be out by 4.7.06?!?

Considering the fact that little man has had exams this week and next I didin't want to tell him until these were over because he is quite sensitive about these things, but hubby told him and so I have had the constant round of questions about where we are going, why and when. Little man also has his prcatice 11+ papers in June and climbing the 3 peaks in 24hrs on 10.6.06.

We appear to have found another house which we viewed on 11.5.06,(the only one we looked at) just waiting for confirmation of a date to move in and the exit inventory/exit inspection/deposit transfer etc etc. The house is in a nice area, walking distance of the local primary and secondary schools, the local shops and swimming pool, but it is in another county, near hubby's work, but it could be a problem with Little Mans school.

Hubby and Little Man have both said it would be easier if he changes school for his final year at Primary school, but I am concerned that all of this change will be too much too close together as he would start in the 6th year on 6.9.06, have to sit his 11+ exams on 9.9.06 and 16.9.06 whilst settling into a new school with no friends. Also he will then have to sit his most important SATS in May 2007 only having been at the school a few months and then have to change schools again.

Little Man finds it hard to form relationships with children his own age and after 6 years(incl reception class) at his current school has only just formed a couple of good friendships with 2 boys. Hubby believs that Little Man is good whenyou give him a challenge, which I don't dispute if it is "climb that in 4housr" or "do that for your cubs badge" but I am not so sure about this sort of challenge. I just want to make sure that we make the right decision with regard to Little Man. Little Man is not recognised as having Aspergers Syndrome, but it is believed that if I got a formal "diagnosis" that he does show these tendancies and that it is a possibility.

Amongst all this I am waiting for important test results regarding cancer and awaiting dates for 2 major operations. I really could do without having to move from a large 3 bedroom house to a house that would fit into my current home, twice over but hey ho here we go!


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