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House Sold



After what seems like an age, we have finally accepted an offer on our house :( I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me :unsure:

It's less than we wanted but if it means we can get down to Devon for the summer and we can sort a school out for Milo, then it's worth losing a bit of money :rolleyes: Now I have the joys of trying to find a house somewhere in Exeter asap :wub:

With a perked up mood we set off for Oxford yesterday. I've never been and it's only about half an hour away. I was very impressed. It's similar to York in a way and a very enjoyable day was had by all :(

I even bought some clothes (a rare event for me) I bought a fitted Moleskin jacket in a Moss Green sort of colour. I don't wear green as it was my school uniform colour but it really suits my colouring (Strawberry Blonde) even the lad on the till said it really suited me :nonono:

Later we are going to take Tilly for her first go at swimming. She loves being in the bath but I don't know how she will take to swimming baths temperatures :blink: but I think it's important to get kids happy in the water as early as possible :)


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