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Magners Irish Cider

snow raven


I wondered what the big deal was about his on the 12th December 2005. So I bought a bottle, and thought it was disgusting. I told people what I thought, and they were shocked.... "It tastes like apples" "Its soooo refreshing" said another "You must have bought a moldy bottle" was the reply from my sister.

So, I decided to give it another chance. Just maybe the bottle I bought back in december had flemented? (say things how I spell them) So, this evening, I thought I would see (again) what the big fuss is about.

Maybe im just unlucky. Maybe I have tasted ciders that tastes more like apples. Maybe I bought another moldy batch.

Or maybe, just maybe Magners Irish Cider really does taste like the carpet you would find in a 1970's caravan. Or the air you breathe in through your mouth of a burnt out fuse when your kettle packs up.

Or maybe I just have fussy tastebuds.


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Ooohhh, you've got me tempted to try some now :unsure:

Can you buy it in the supermarket or just in pubs. I don't get to see pubs very often (the inside that is :rolleyes: )

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I've never tried it and I suspect its a big marketing thing. I may be mistaken and it may be quite good.

I didn't think Ireland was famous for it's cider apples. Guiness has to be brewed in Ireland and Cider in the West Country. Guiness brewed in England just never tastes the same.

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