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Home Delivery



It all started at 8:45 when Curry's delivery called to say they would be here within the hour. I pushed all the furniture over to the side of the room and thought that would be it.


They turned up and said they would have a look at the route through the house, "it's not going to fit through here" he said "What about round the rear access" I replied. We then had a look but unfortunately there is a load of paving slabs in the way and the passage is too narrow to get it through anyway. This is when I have the brainwave of asking next door if we can come through his garage and through his garden. He agreed but the delivery guy said they would not do that as they were not insured. So the only choices were for them to leave it in the garage for me to get round myself, or cancel the order. I thought 'how difficult can it be to get it round' so chose for them to leave it here.

This is when the fun really began.

Next door said they would give me a hand round with it, so we started to get it through his garage door at the back. This was proving to be difficult in the box so we half stripped the box and it got half through the door. The passage way is 3ft wide and the fridge is 2.5ft deep and 3.5ft wide the passage way has 2 90 degree bends in it and HAD fences each side, with wooden and concrete posts. Well I had to go and borrow a pair of sack trucks from a bloke 10 mile away before we could move it from the garage door. Getting it round the first bend was a job in itself. We broke the first fence and smashed the trellis work on the other side flattening plants and bushes in the process and brought down one small tree. The straight wasn't too bad but at the next bend we broke another 2 fences, then we had to get into a garden. this caused a wooden arch to topple falling onto a table snapping the top off when it hit. then across a lawn, now bear in mind it had been raining far a couple of days up here, it didn't do the lawn very good at all to have 200kgs of fridge freezer on a truck going across it, or rather into it. we then finally got it into our garden through a fence panel we had taken out by cutting the nails, but then we had to conquer the steps in our garden. this was no easy task with an item of this size, we managed it but then it was trying to get it through our back door, so out with the screwdriver and of with the back door (forgot to mention we had to take off the neighbours garage back door at the start) we then lifted it into the kitchen and the clear up began.

And that was the story of getting our fridge. The anoying thing is that it is going to have to come back out as the doors and side panel were damagedwhen we took the rest of the box off

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