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22 Hours 3 Minutes And 30 Secs Yeah!!!!!

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Well he did it! But what I am more proud of is how he did it. Little man was just so focused on what he had set in his own mind was required of him to complete this challenge.

His schedule was as follows: 5 hours to climb Ben Nevis, 4 for Scarfell Pike and 5 for Snowdon with 10 hours drive time.

Little Man climbed Ben Nevis in 4hrs 41 mins & 24secs, he came down and stretched off his muscles( without be told to), got in the car, took his boots and socks off, ate a pot noodle and some other snacky bits, had a drink and then it was like he just pressed a button and he went to sleep.

At 3am I woke him and I thought I was going to get "Oh just a view more minutes mum" but nothing of the sort. He just sat up, asked where we were and how much longer before we got to Scarfell Pike so that he knew how long he had to have something else to eat and drink and check that his back pack was ok for the next mountain.

We arrived at Scarfell Pike, he got out of the car, stretched and warmed up his muscles and was off! He climbed this mountain in 3hrs 19 mins & 30 secs and then went through exactly the same routine again when he got back to the car, with no prompting or questions.

I woke him at 11am when were near Snowdon and he did exactly the same, without any hesitation, questions or moans and climbed in 3hrs 47 mins & 15secs making a total challenge time of 22 hrs 3 mins & 30 secs as this drive time was 10hrs 15 mins 21 secs.

I am just amazed at the focus he showed and the fact that without any input from us he knew exactly what he needed to do and when. If he can show this mind set and attitude as he matures and on into his career then I am sure he will achieve whatever it is he wants. I just cannot believe that my little man could be so convincingly "grown up".

I asked him if he had any thoughts about what his next challenge might be and he said either the 4 peaks in 48hrs, but he would love to do Kilimanjaro. All I can say is WOW and I don't care if I sound like the over proud Mum because I am and if you had been there I am sure you would understand why.


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Anyone who can climb 3 peaks in 24 hours I have the upset respect for. Because of your son's age it makes the feat all the more remarkable.

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FANTASTIC :clap::clap::clap:

Give your son the hugest hug from me in celebration of his amazing achievement :D

My old boss used to boast about doing the 3 peaks but he was in his 20's at least :rolleyes: I was impressed but no way as much as I am by your son's efforts :D

Well done to yourselves as well, for your support in his mission B)

Enjoy a relaxing Father's day tomorrow ;)

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