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Fallen Through



Well after all the stress of recent weeks, we now have the prospect of our buyer's buyer pulling out (after 5 weeks :unsure: ) strangely her sons talked her out of the purchase saying it was too remote :nonono:

So now we have to wait for either them to get another buyer or us to find a new one :wub:

Got so p**d off last week I escaped up north, in search of "friendly faces". It must have been bad, as I went to my mum's out of choice :blink:

The rollercoaster keeps going up and down but hopefully it will finish soon :(

On the up side, little people are being very cheerful dispite mummy being in a bad mood. Little lady was sweetness and light tonight after tea as I gave her a bit of a bottle of milk. She lost interest and I decided to take her out of her chair (holding her above me) and as happens when you squeeze a Frube too quickly, she gooed over my face, hair, neck, top, trousers, chair, floor :rolleyes::(

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Oh Katie, im really sorry to hear that the house sale might have fallen through! :( Fingers crossed they will change their mind, or you will find a buyer again real soon.

As for the kiddie winks - they do find ways of cheering us up - at the most stressful of moments!

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