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Selective Memory When It Comes To The Weather



It’s another hot weekend. Very sunny but too hot, although that being said I seem to be coping a little better with the heat, maybe its because its now later into summer and I’ve adapted to it. Just like you become a little more adapted to hay fever. I close my curtains during the day to stop the sun coming in and I open them at night to let some air thought, although it could be said that leaving them open during the day stops any flow of air… it would only be hot air so it’s best to let the air flow at night when its still warm, but not hot. People complain that it always rains during the weekend. The only reason it seems like that is because people only remember the weekend when it’s rainy… when its sunny people don’t bother to remember it so much. Like the past few weekends have been stifling. Selective memory eh! The same goes for Wimbledon, it’s only rained one day since it started (Monday) but people wont associated the competition with the weather because it’s been “good” or dry shall I say. If it rained every day then people will again associate it with the weather.

I might go into college tomorrow to collect the last two assignments from my tutor… and upgrade them if necessary. I will try and get the college ball tickets as well that day, fingers crossed by “ball date” will let me stay round hers that night because if I can’t then I can’t really go. Although it might be best not to go because it is inviting trouble, but I hope it can go along smoothly without being bothered by a few drunken so and so’s!


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I think some of the stuff you mention is related to how interested people are in the weather.

In general, people with little or no interest would prefer it if there was no weather at all and they could just ignore it- so if the weather impacts on their lives they remember it, and if not, they ignore it.

Those with some interest (and that doesn't just include NW-level interest, it could include a relevant passing interest) are more likely to remember fine weekends as they do rainy weekends.

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You serve a good point TWS, there is a great proportion of the British public who fall "in the middle" where the have a pasing interest but not enough to say discuss it on a public forum everyday, even those people in my opinion are prone to selective memory as well.

thanks for your thoughts,

Nick :)

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