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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show



Took the day off on Thursday to visit the Hampton Court Palace flower show. It was our first ever visit to the show.

The journey was wet most of the way up the M3 traffic was busy and after queuing from the A3 slip to get into Esher and on to Hampton we were starting to feel just a little like we had picked the wrong day, but by the time we parked up the rain had stopped and by lunchtime the sun was pearing through the clouds. The day ended hot and humid.

The show itself was a little overwhelming for a first time visit. It may have been better to visit with someone who had been before. However we soon found our bearings and worked our way logically around the marques full of flower and plant displays as well as the outside show gardens.

The main aim of our visit was garden inspiration. Living on chalk it is not always easy to grow some plants and I was keen to see the chalk show garden. What a disappointment, based on a disused chalk pit the whole garden was totally impractical, as anyone who lives on chalk would point out - you certainly do not have chalk footpaths unless you want the whole of the inside of your house to have white floors when it rains!

Apart from this little let down the rest of the show was fantastic and I would recommend a visit to anyone who has a interest in gardening and what you can't find on the trade stands just isn't worth mentioning.

I now so want to dig a huge water feature in the garden and surround it with exotic flowers - oh, I have just remembered I lost all my exotic plants during the coldest winter for years a few months ago and using a hose pipe to fill a 1/4 acre pond might just upset the local water board. Guess I'll just have to trim the hedge and mow the lawn on Sunday as usual and be happy with the fact it all looks tidy and green again after this weeks downpours.


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