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Weddings Wine And River Beds



Just a couple of weeks ago a local girl married a local lad and held a bar-b-que reception in the grounds of the Church.

It was a fine day and the reception was well attended, this included a few people who, although know to both families, were not officially invited but still found their way to the event to take advantage of an all day bar. One such person soon found themselves a little worse for wear and in need of relief so they staggered off towards the Wallop Brook to solve their little problem. Unable to stand firm while trying to pee into the steam they lost balance and fell head first into the brook. Unfortunately at this time of year, and with the current drought, this section of stream had dried out completely. They were found shortly afterwards with a serious head wound and slight concussion. None too happy at the fuss and the attentions of the ambulance crew it was pointed out that had the brook been full he probably would have drowned!

A few people said this was a shame as it would have done the village a real favour had the brook been full.

Village gossip is like Chinese whispers travelling on wild fire when someone well know but not particularly well liked has a mishap. This occured mid afternoon and by early evening we had already heard the story several times but in several versions, at first he'd fallen drunken against a tombstone, later it was against a tombstone and nearly into an open grave, by early evening it was falling against a tombstone then on into the river bed. I only found out the truth by asking the bride's mother.


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