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Money :-)



Today we did a car boot sale and raise a bit of cash from our old stuff :nonono:

It was mostly bits and bobs we not prepared to take with us to Devon. We had two big clear outs last year, prior to moving to Cheltenham but there were still a few things to get rid of.

Princess Tilly is a bit better but still snotty :rolleyes:

Little fella has enjoyed his week of total attention from Grandma and is slowly working his way back to normal life (where he is not the centre of the universe :unsure: )

On the way back from granny's we went through the Ashdown Forest. Lots of sheep on the road to avoid and so I managed to avoid them :blink: Went over the cattle grid (to keep the sheep/cows in) and thought about picking my speed up from 30mph.

All of a sudden 4 teenage stags jumped down from the embankment and charged across the road feet in front of me :unsure: Thankfully I stopped in time, otherwise the car would have had a few dints in it :whistling:

On the way back we stopped at ASDA High Wycombe to get a few bits and bobs. Usually in these shops you get a monotone annoucement about some offer they have instore. Here they had a incredibly Jamacian woman telling you that there were some "fantastic reductions in the bakery dept" I think that was what she said as the only 2 words I could understand were "Bakery" and "10 pence" :nonono:

All power to the woman though, she was so passionate about it :blink:


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