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Dance Classes

snow raven


Emily (aka Mini Raven) loves dancing, and spends her time (when the Bratz dolls havent been removed due to bad behaviour) dancing to music on the radio, or when watching The Hits. I couldnt help but notice just how quickly she picked up the dance moves to the likes of The p*ssy Cat dolls (or is that dollz - im a parent, and unfashionable - and for those over 87, thats p*ssy as in cat, not..... well....)

Anyway, she has lots of spare energy, so thought it best to channel the extra energy doing something she loves (rather than drawing on the walls, tormenting the cat, answering back etc) and took her to dance classes. She started the saturday before last, and had her 2nd lesson saturday just gone.

Imagine my surprise when they decided to enter her into a dance competition that afternoon, after her 2nd lesson! Anyway, we had fun watching all the children dance, and even I managed to get dragged up to dance to something, and looked like a wally, cos I didnt have a clue what I was doing!

The results were announced, and Emily came 2nd in her competition (The waltz, social rhythm, and the rumba), so below are some pictures of her receiving the award, and her at home with her trophy)




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Yay! well done Ems. lets hope this is the start of many more dancing awards. you must be well proud Lee :D

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