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Hello Again!



hi all,been awol for a little bit mainly due to the whole expecting a sprog thing which has completely and utterly addled my brain and left me dazed and stoopid! I am now having to rely on post it notes 24/7 otherwise I forget all the time...This is a pretty major thing for me as I'm usually pretty quick and have a very good memory, but not no more, oh noooooo! For example, when I went into work today, I even forgot the name of one of my colleagues who I have known for 10 years!!!!! :) I'm hoping this isn't the sign of my brain shrinking otherwise I'm in deep doodoo...anyway, I'm feeling OK, apart from sleeping loads and feeling a little icky in the evenings (nobody told miniroo it was supposed to be morning sickness....)oh well...more joys of womanhood.....Talk soonRoo and other..... :)


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Eat little and often. Suggest Ginger thins to help with the ickie feeling

Sleep whenever you can, believe me you will never get that level of sleep ever again (well not before you are 70 :rolleyes: )

Take care :D

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Thank you Katie.....I'm finding rasprberry tea and peppermint tea also help!

But I have to say, I feel very lucky at present, cos I really don't feel ill, just a little queezy in the afternoon and evening. :)

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