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Life At The Moment



Been a little stressfull recently to be honest.My 13 year old seems to have turned into the monster from hell.I open my mouth he shouts at me he is also acting up in school thinks its a laugh to throw pens at other people from the back of the room that sort of thing or knock pencilcases off desks,you know just making a pest of himself genrally.

This is then pulling off onto the other 3 and they are trying there luck now.I knew id face this were i had the 4 of them within 5 years as babys it was hard work then from 6 onwards it was a void of having normal children now as they are reaching older years its becoming a challange again.

Stuart is 13 and has the attitude for some reason is he must be at the top or the gang and be hand and manly.

Charlie is 12 in feb and seems to just toodle around and argue when he feels he isnt "treated right" he thinks he has the rights of a adult at the moment.

Harry is 10 in jan and altho he is the relaxed out of all them he is pushing it a bit when i say no e starts to question me 3 times over on why

Sky-Anne well she is 8 in jan and reminds me every bit of me and a little bit more.Out of all of them she worries me the most.Teen girl arguements i can see being a challange,she is going thru the stage of "i love all boys".so ive had to have some mummy talks to her.

Ive Also just started my new mission.Im not sure if any of you remember but last year i had been quite ill from pneumonia the broncittis a few times and so i gave up smoking at 6pm feb 5th this year.I didnt use patches just a few bits of gum and it was a few bits ewwww that stuff is nasty.and i didnt look back not once :lol: :o :D

Now it dieting where i have a back problem and so dont walk often i found myself piling on the pounds and eating rubbish till ive turned into a right old fatty.

so calorie contol it is and dragged the hubby onto it as well.at the end of the month ill be getting a treadmill to walk on when i feel ok.at least if my back plays up ill be at home and not stuck to someone fence post not being able to move :lol:

I have the feeling i did when i decided cigs were no more and the time is right for me to lose wieght now.

so hey ho off we go!!!!



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