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I felt it as last



Do you remember that quote I made just under two months ago on exactly Wednesday the 30th of August 2006?, that in my opinion conjured up the magic of autumn very well …

“I don’t think we can properly class it as autumn, until, we experience those first clear chilly evenings where the sun is merely a faint red glow on your face when once it was a great tower above you, and you can smell the burning and the first real possibility of a frost”

Today I felt this, although I’m very doubtful my area will get a frost tonight, it was a fantastic afternoon nonetheless. It was sunny, but not horrible and muggy, just a nice crisp feel to the air. The sun is now obviously much lower in the sky and sure enough by 5pm the sun was that mere faint red glow on our faces!

Although I didn’t smell any burning I saw smoke come out of chimney’s on my journey home from college through the Kent countryside. The smoke filtering its way up into that light crystal blue ceiling that was very soon to darken.

How wonderful that I decided to keep working and not get the bus till 17:21, it actually came three minutes early to my shock! I was so busy taking pictures I could have missed it!

Alas the warm, wet muggy weather will return tomorrow and possibly the next few days, but that won’t take away what a glorious autumn day it was today.

Some pictures in my gallery that I took today conjures up how I felt very well in pictures :rolleyes:http://www.netweather.tv/forum/index.php?a...um&album=61


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