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Why the clocks MUST go back...



The clocks go back this Sunday. Yet again we will get the doom mongers going on about how bad this is and how the world will end if this keeps happening etc but the clocks go back for a reason, and I know this more than ever now.

For instance, when I was walking through my local park to get the bus last week (16-20th) between 7-7:30am, the sun hadn’t risen and it was still mostly dark and possibly dangerous when I had to cross the roads. The week after the clocks go back (30th Oct-3rd Nov) I will walk the same route at the same time, but the sun will have just risen then and because of this it will be technically day meaning it will be light, the risk of me getting involved in an accident at a very busy time in the morning decreases.

People say “oh but it will just get darker again anyway”, in a way they are right BUT just because its still getting darker in the morning after the clocks go back doesn’t mean that the level of morning darkness will “catch up again” with the level of morning darkness in an unchanged clock or all year round BST. If you don’t understand then maybe this will be clearer, the latest the sun rises in my location is 08:05. If the clock didn’t go back, the sun wouldn’t rise till 09:05, and people would no doubt moan about this as well! And it would be extremely dangerous during the morning it if wasn’t totally light by 9am in the morning.

The problem is when people think of the clocks going back; they just look out of the window and think of the darker evenings. Maybe these sorts of people don’t get up in the morning early enough to realize what a difference it makes in the morning, or study astronomy enough to realize that the sun rising an hour later in mid-winter is potentially more harmful that the sun setting an hour earlier. You don't lose an hour of lightness when the clocks go back, the days don't become shorter because of it, you just get potentially lighter mornings.

No doubt I will get the guns pointed at me for saying this, but I know the facts ...


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Like the comment about the early mornings Nick: )

I'm an early riser myself, where MrsL gets up about 2-3 hours after me at the weekend.

Those crisp morning of winter, just as the sun is breaking through...lovely.

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Yep and the

the days don't become shorter because of it, you just get potentially lighter mornings.

..it really annoys me when people say days are shorter. No the day is still the same lenght of time...you have less daylight hours and more darkness in the day.

Good blog btw

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