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Favorite time of year?

Azores Hi


I was trying to think what my favorite time of year is and came to the conclusion that I love it all. Winter snow, spring showers, summer storms and autumn Gales. Every time of year hold something special for me to look forward to. Even September (which has been renamed Sh*tember in my house hold for many years) managed to produce a few storms this year.

Looking out my window today I can see the wind increasing to expected gales this afternoon and can't help being excited by the prospect of the dramas yet to unfold!

But there is something else in the air, despite the frosts of last week I am getting the first sense of the approaching winter today. The washed out appearance of the sky between the increasing bareness of the trees and the colours of the countryside slowly fading to dull greens and browns. All of the signs are there that winter is just over the horizon.

Does anyone else get a small sense of dread this autumn when they look up to the sky or is it just me? I look up at the apporaching storm today with a touch of fear which is unusual for me and I can't quite put my finger on it..... :rolleyes:


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