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What a flaming day!

Tim B


Ahhh pay day at last after 5 weeks..

Or is it?

Apparently not as it seems my new employer messed up with my bank details and its gone somewhere else, leaving me with no fags and no beer..

.. Aaagain.

Its my fault looking at what's happened as I'm thick as 2 planks when it comes to paperwork as hand written work is something my brain is not good at (possibly due to undiagnosed dyslexia or some super duper, anyway who cares?), what's happened is I've gone and written out a couple of number 9s like 4s in the codes and everythings gone tits up as a result.

Viva la beerless.

So I've been chasing this around all day with colleague support and my bank trying to track it down without much success, though it is on my banks records now along with the incorrect sort code and account number that it was sent to, against my own.

So hopefully they can sort something out in less than the 6 days they say it usually takes, on a plus note though they told me I was eligible for a credit card that they can get to me in about 3 days so at least I can take bits off there until something comes through.

I'm just annoyed at having a day off tomorrow and having no damn beer again coupled with having not been out for over 2 months now with all this arsing about waiting for this that and the other.

I'm not all that bothered about the beer shortage but I've no fags either, and that is annoying as I can't work on dev stuff without them as I can't treat myself when I finish something.

"jaffa cakes take" sums it up quite nicely I think.

Anyway at least Stargate Atlantis is back on.. In Canada.

Which is cool as it doesn't stop me :rolleyes:


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Oh dear, it never rains but it pours!!

Good luck with sorting your money out, there is nothing more frustrating that expecting money in your account and discovering that it isn't there!

If you need cheering up, try reading the net weather dictionary in the autumn discussion. It picked me out of the blues yesterday!

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Yeah, lol.

I've just added a couple to that, am trying to think a few more as I type ^^

Is a brilliant thread that!

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