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Todays the day...



...I actually work out that I can create a blog without subscription :)

Today, I will be grumpy. How do I know? Well, for the umpth time, I shall be trying to give up smoking. I have some chill out tablets, and courtesy of MrsL (Free Prescriptions *cough*) I also have some patches :(

Actually, MrsL is also trying again today, so I think there may be a wee bit of *ARGHHH* today :lol:

So, for the next couple of days, I am going cold turkey, and thus, wont be on the forum :(

Actually, we're going away, so i'm just lying :(

Wish me luck, because believe me, after 12-13 years of smoking, I think I may need it :doh::D:):rolleyes::)

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Best of luck buddy, I think you will defo need it!

I have been a smoker for about 12 yrs too and the thought of giving up is a hard one even those I dont enjoy it anymore(well enjoy the odd one) and it costs a fortune. So best of luck and keep up updated cos you might spurn me on to give it a crack aswell.

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