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Daffodils and snowdrops



The daffodil and snowdrop bulbs are poking through the ground! That does happen in December but still this is quite early and their quite obvious… especially the daffodil bulbs which I planted back in the autumn… and they ARE daffodil bulbs. Some people at college didn’t believe me when I said that daffodil bulbs can start “coming out” in December. Okay I should have said “poking through the ground” but I put their lack of beliefs down to the fact that they have been working in offices all their lives and have never been up close and personal with nature like me, because if they had, they will know that although daffodils don’t flower this early, they do start to come out of the ground, especially if it’s been warm the last few winters.

The problem is that people associate daffodils with March and April when they show their beautiful yellow golden flowers off to the world! But the real gritty work starts winter when those green spikes start appearing on that chilly, darkened earth. Although the ground is obviously not chilly right now! I even have weeds growing back...

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Yes, they are poking through the ground here nick. Also, I have a set of Summer flowering daffodils (they are definitely summer flowering) and they are coming up now! Probably means I won't get a showing next summer. :( I love Summer daffodils, there is just something so odd about seeing daffodils in July! :lol: Take a look on my daffodil thread from last year to see them if you want.

Summer daffs

I also have tulips poking through. Now this IS unusual don't you think?

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