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Azores Hi


If I was to say that life at the moment is humdrum you would all know what I mean. But what exactly is a humdrum? Is it a humming drum? Or the act of drumming really fast and quietly so that it makes a humming noise. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....?

*cat update* *cat update*

My cat went to the vet to get a microchip inserted inside him (not a revolutionary device for controling cats but and I.D device).

Imagine my delight to find that he already had one (50 quid saved). Yippie :rolleyes:

I asked the kind man how I could go about changing the details encripted onto said device only to be told that he was registered as missing and that he would need to keep my cat until the previous owner could be contacted.

Turns out that the cats protection league didn't check for a microchip when they found him. S o when I rescued the cat from them I was blissfully unaware that the previous owners were still missing him. This was a year ago!!!

Thankfully the previous owners didn't want him back as they had new cat/dog/child. If they had I would legally have to return the cat to them.

Beware all those getting cats from resue centres.

On a lighter note. Imagine if you could control cats with a microchip.....Tiger army anyone? :doh:


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