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Is it this time?



Well. After a fantastic night out last night with work (didnt even get drunk :( ), I seem to have found some will power.

For those who dont smoke, it may be hard to comprehend. But for me, who smokes 15-20 a day, to go until 15.00 without a ciggie, it is quite something (just ask MrsL).

And to top it all, I havent even felt too bad (no hot sweats :lol: , no major stresses). I actually feel quite good.

But this time, i've done it differently. Because I have given up cold turkey before, I keep trying it again, saying to myself "Its going to work this time". But it didnt, and didnt numerous times.

So this time, I have a nicorette patch on (didnt use that last weekend :rolleyes: ), and its seems to be working :D Still, i've got a good 7-8 hours left of the day, and from experience, the 2nd day can be the worst.

Fingers crossed though :doh:


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