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Week 2 - Last week before Christmas



Well, theres another positive thing. There's only one working week left before Christmas :doh:

Eventually, we got all our presents that we needed. We did have one little mishap though, which could have left someone with no present (although it would have been that someones fault).

After struggling to think what to get my old man, my brother decided (as he likes photography), lets get him a decent camara. You see...the reason for this, was because he's got about 4 camaras, all doing the same job, my brother thinks it would be a good idea (They werent so good, according to my brother - I aint got a clue). The rest were going to be sold on e-bay.

So we bought him a new one (brother got a good deal), and horrah...a present.

But oh no :D He dropped one of his camaras on the floor, phoned the insurance company, and the closest replacement they had, was about a 95% match to the one he was getting for Christmas.

So, no present for my old man, as he got a new camara.

I'm sorted now though. A camara case.

Anyway. Week 2 of non-smoking :lol:

I suppose I could look at the negatives( i.e. had a couple of days of smoking), but i'm not. I've had 5 out of 7 days without smoking, and in that space of time, i've smoked about 10 ciggies, compared to the 120-140 I would normally smoke.

So i'm off again.

I have to admit though, i'm not sure, in the long term, if the patches are helping. Of course, they helped with the initial cravings, but when I went cold turkey, i'm sur ethe cravings had gone by now :rolleyes: Obviously, my body is still taking in nictoine, so the actual 'addiction' is still there, so really, its just my psychological addiction thats being removed.

I'll see how this week goes, but if i'm still getting the cravings (as long as they are less and infrequent), then I may come off the patches, and start on the Kalms.

I'll wait and see though...not in a rush, as long as i'm not smoking.


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Thanks Lou :hi:

Well, had cravings today, but havent had a ciggie. Its easier when i'm around people, but as soon as i'm on my own (like tomorrow), it gets hard. Well, its easier than the first couple of days, but I still think 'I'm on my own. No-one will know. T'will be fine'. So easy to pop to the shops, get 10, smoke a few, and throw the rest away.

Ah well. I've just got to really push it. And to be fair, if i'm doing what i'm doing now, its better than doing nowt. One day, I will suddenly realise, I dont have cravings anymore.

If anybody is reading this that has tried patches before, then please let me know how you got on with them. Would be much appreciated :D

Well, I have more going on than just smoking (or giving up). Been wrapping MrsL's presents today. Took me about an hour and a half. Not because there were loads, but because i'm a bloke :lol:

MrsL wrapped my presents in the space of 20 mintues :o

All we need to do now, is go down to Kels dads on Saturday, drop their presents off (pick ours up :yahoo: ), and then its chill out time. No driving from the 24th to the 29th. Cant wait.

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Well, its certainly not going to plan <_<

Today is the third day of smoking again. I really dont want this, but in a way, I feel quite happy to.

I really need to get my weeble in gear again, as at the moment, MrsL doesnt know i've been having a crafty smoke.

I'm not smoking anywhere near to how many I used to, but thats not the point, because (1) I'm smoking again, and (2) 1 ciggie is worse than none.

Will have to plan, and very soon, when I stop again. I've stopped the patches, as its not the best idea to have them and smoke too :rolleyes:

Ah well...will have to try in the next couple of days.

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I see my big boots are required after all.


Please m'lady. Its still not going good.

Maybe it will have to be a new years resolution :unknw:

Went through most of yesterday without one, but ended up having one on the way home.

I'm really going to have to get my act in gear, especially as having one last night meant that MrsL wanted one too :(

I dont know. I suppose i'm looking at it like this. How many non-smokers, over Christmas and New Years have a cigar to celebrate? Well, I dont like cigars, and I fancy celebrating too. So instead, i'm going to have a ciggie or two. When the celebrations are over, so will the smoking :D Well, lets hope...

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