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Simple pleasures



Yesterday we went to see the house that, hopefully, we are buying :blush:

The last 2 times we saw it was when it was being rented out and what a state :yahoo: but yesterday it had been professionally cleaned and looked fab :yahoo: It need a bit of redecoration (bright pink/red walls :drinks: ) but still has the Edwardian character :yahoo:

The best bit about it is that it's 15 mins walk from the sea and I can see the sea from my bedroom window

We went down to the front and spent 30mins dodging waves :yahoo: Little fella was screaming with laughter and it just made me think.....what a simple but fantastic pleasure we are about to embark on :yahoo:


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Sounds perfect Katie!

I have always wanted a house by the sea, but Joe wants a house on the Norfolk broads :(

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Hope it all goes well to Katie. Sounds like an absolute ideal for you...just wish we could find our 5 bedroom cottage in the countryside for £100k :lol:

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Hope all goes according to plan Katie. I can remember that when her in doors was at the hospital with her Mum(it was the actual day that she was told she had terminal cancer and had about 8 weeks) that little man and I were at the beach playing with a plastic bottle in the waves and he was so happy, innocent and didin't have a care in the world- it was usch a special moment.

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Bright pink and needs redecorating? Not sure Mrs KY would agree with that. You should see the colour she chose for her laptop cover - and I sometimes have to carry it around. :doh:

Anyway, enjoy the period of transition - as these things can either be enjoyable or a pile of stress. Trust it will be the former.


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