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hello,haven't done this for a week...oops! Been quite busy, working, sleeping (my new hobby) and looking for houses....Spent much of the weekend sifting through housing papers and looking them on the web....NOW I realise why they say St. Albans is around the second most expensive place in the country! Owch!Oh well, at least we've got good salaries, but I really do wonder how on earth people who are earning less, or indeed anyone younger than their 30s manages...it really is soooooo expensive....Then I ended up sitting here trying to decide exactly how over inflated the house prices are around here and whether they will crash the second we get our foot on the property ladder? We shall see I guess.....Got my first doc's appointment tomorrow......still feeling ick in the afternoons, but have discovered that glacier fruits (didn't they used to be called glace fruits? or am I imagining it?) are the answer. Still don't fancy any of the things that are supposed to be bad for me, which is good, but also very boring.....I'm surviving on plain salads, cheese and potatoes! Oh well.....Talk soon :)


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Hi Roo, and belated congratulations on Mini Roo. Hope all goes well at the docs for you. Do you have any dates yet for when little-un is due? From what I can recall (my youngest is 3years old now) the first three months are the most exhausting.

I kept a diary of both my pregnancies. The good bits and the rough bits. The size of my belly. The latest food faze or dislike. I think I was obsessed. But it's great to read back on remember what you went through to produce your little one.

The memory loss is so normal. I managed to do a full shop at Sainsburys without any money. That was great! :o

Keep us posted with your news


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thanks snow-white...still early days yet (am only about 2 months, but already I'm food faddy, weepy, forgetful, icky, hair brained and as if all that wasn't bad enough, I swear my chest arrives in a room 25 minutes before I do!!! :o :lol: )

it is very odd, cos before I was pregnant I was always scared about how I'd feel, etc, etc, but so far (cross fingers) it's been the most normal thing in the world..it's like my body and mind have just decided it's right and they're just getting on with it...

it's very odd!!! But feels good too :)

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That's great Roo. Another 4 weeks and things should hopefully get easier. Except the forgetfulness, that lasts for ever.

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