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Perfect Day.....



Well what a fun day today is: it's my grandmother's funeral and we can't go because we don't want to risk taking Mini Roo on a longish trek to the coast in weather like this.

Now, to most normal people this would be a disaster, but to be honest with my weirdly disfunctional family it is a blessed relief: no seeing the nasty bit of work who likes to call himself my uncle, but who has been syphoning off my nan's cash for the last few years. Also no cousin, who within a day of my nan dying had been and 'collected' her jewellry box and it's contents! Oh, and no sobbing hysteria from those who never bothered to visit and didn't care a bit!

And then there's the will, except there is no will, and of course my uncle doesn't want to go through probate as the tax man may find out just exactly how much he and his daughter have received in 'gifts' (tens of thousands) from my nan over the last few years. And even if he did there's basically nothing there, even though we know my nan wanted my dad to have something (not that he actually wants the money....it's tainted as far as he's concerned).

Finally there's my poor dad, whose mum has just died, but who is wrestling with the fact that he cared more about the friend (who coincidentally died on the same day) than he did about his own mother, but is being forced to go through the charade of a funeral he has not been consulted about, with relatives who don't give a toss about him or nan, and in weather that is going to make his journey a nightmare....

Families, eh? :drinks:


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Families :rolleyes:

In my "previous" life I experienced both my other half's grandparents popping off. In each case the other party in the family took it upon themselves to 'strip the assets' :nonono:

Make a will and lodge it with a solicitor

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Not spoken to you in some considerable time. Sorry to hear about all the problems that have been occurring with the family. It can be so difficult at times, with that kind of stuff happening.

I love all the pictures of the little one. I have my own little 9mth old, so pics such as the one with carrot all over the face are familiar territory.

Keep strong. Keep going for it.

Krasnoyarsk Yenesei - though you may remember me as African Protea.

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Thanks for the lovely thoughts: much appreciated. Things seem to be going from bad to worse, but there is a funny side too: turns out there is a memorial fish and some legacy doughnuts......

More about that when I get a moment to write more.

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