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Sing And Sign Success

Krasnoyarsk Yenesei


One of the great challenges with having a child is the amount of attention that they require. If, like me, you are attempting to work from home, keep the house tidy, do the garden and then add extra voluntary stuff on top, the volume of attention required by a child can be quite daunting.

Obviously I, like Mrs KY try to give her as much time as we can but we have also discovered a new ingenious method of giving ourselves a break. It is called sing and sign DVD. The one guarantee in our lives is that when Kaitlyn is put in front of the sign and sign dvd, she will be happy and quiet for 30 mins, regardless of how she has been acting during the day.

We got hold of them after meeting somebody who ran sing and sign classes in Wakefield at an Usborne bookselling event we were doing. They were starting up classes in Rotherham so we signed up, and they have been brilliant. Essentially they enable children to communicate through signing from anything after 10/11 months, which is much earlier than they are able to speak. This reduces frustration for the child and makes your life easier, so they tell us. Kaitlyn is still only 9mths and so is not signing yet, though we thought she might have signed for milk for the first time yesterday. However, the dvd that accompanies the lessons has been worth its weight in gold.

The wonderful thing is that it is not just shoving a child in front of any old tv, but in front of a programme in which she is learning.

On a disappointing note, I see Hershelle Gibbs has had his ban upheld after the remarks he made against some abusive Pakistani fans. As Pollock and Ntinni might well be rested, I fear for our chances in the final test against Pakistan. Then again, if we go on to win the World Cup, no one will care what happens in tomorrow's match.

To all who have been on here reading some of this drivel, thanks. I hope you find it at least a little better than diabolically, numbingly awful. If not, there's always another blog...


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"Time to sing and time to sign" etc :rolleyes:

I took little one to a few sign and sign classes before I was working but bought the DVD as well. My 5 year old is more interested than the 1 year old but she still likes it for about 20 mins :)

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