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You couldn't make it up...



Well, it's a week since the funeral (and the howling gales!) and things are definitely looking up. The roof is in a queue to be fixed (we developed a leak!) and the insurance have paid up without a squeak (how I love Liverpool Victoria insurance company!).

Anyway, although all that is OK, the probate saga continues: so far, my nasty uncle has written my dad a 5 page letter accusing him of trying to get all my nan's money (cough! splutter!) my cousin has claimed my nan gave her the jewellry before she died (really?) and we have learnt more about my nan's legacy......

[Now, I should just explain here that my granddad died 6 years ago, but that when he was alive he was a keen fisherman.]

In the course of the family wrangling it has turned out that my uncle has kept the last fish my granddad ever caught some 8 or 9 years ago.

Now, you might think that's fair enough, he's had it stuffed and mounted, but no, you'd be wrong. He has kept in the freezer! And what is worse, he has a big grizzle each time he goes to get an ice cube........

But the real doozy is that my nan apparently loved doughnuts, and yes, guess what's going in the freezer with Freddie Fish?

I've suggested to my dad that he ought to try for custody: after all half that fish and 3 of those doughnuts are legally his............ :drinks::yahoo: :blush: :yahoo::yahoo:


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