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Tough Day

Krasnoyarsk Yenesei


I thought I would call this blog entry "tough day" because it has been. It started really well in that the guys from Samara, Russia sent through our itinerary for February. The only difficulty with this was the shear volume of teaching which, whilst being exactly what I would want, is also something of a nightmare in terms of preparation. It also threw the entire day out, as I was having to sort out this rather than plan ahead for the Thurcroft congregation, where I am a leader.

That was not too bad, but having got back home there is the whole problem of messy, unclean house, half finished garden, lack of money, crying baby girl, stressed Mrs KY, who has the pressure of the Samaran preparation in addition to university courses and a part time job to contend with. That is the challenge I guess, trying to juggle every aspect of our lives to maximise our time on the planet. Somehow, this process always seems to be worse in England than other nations though.


Now these guys understand how to deal with life. Lie around with your mouth open all day, and wait for your food to simply walk in. Perfect.

Anyway, if anyone wants to learn the secret of putting haphazardly random photos into a text, then drop me a line. I am great at it. There is simply no reason to have a picture of a crocodile in the midst of this miserably depressing read, but there it is.


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