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My weekend 2-4th Feb



I'm having a belting weekend so far been in manchester until lunch today, on friday i went to to see Ray la montagne at the apollo and he was fantastic apart from a duff note on the last song he played haha then we went to social rehab for a couple and then saw our mate off so we went to the hotel.

Sat was some shopping, i bought some belting records and got a good finishing tune...Ian dury and the blockhead-hit me with your rhythm stick/reasons to be cheerful and a nice jumper and t-shirt and i then got my hair cut and went on a walk whilst waiting for my gf and i passed the communists with my bags of capitalism and took a leaflet off them 'doh'....got some good dvd's some japanese anime and a couple of european films.

THEN we went to the hotel and changed and went to China town for a belting shredded beef chilli and egg fried rice dishalicious! then to common in the northern quarter for wine and wine where i met a proper crank who knew everyone you could possibly know in music....found out he did know a few people but made the other stories up, bless.

Came home on the new trans pennine 185 today (shuggs!) gorgeous trains then i bussed it from hudds.

GReat weekend, off to Malton next weekned to stay in a cottage.

How were your weekends? come on let me know...off to a mates in a bit hopefully.



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