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My 10th February 2007 Prediction



Just posting my weather prediction I made around the 15th January I for get the exact date but I think it was around then or a little before or day or so later as that post no longer exists.

I prediction a (Significant) weather event for the 10th February 2007.

Although this time I was not given the exact type of event it would be I was told it would be one that hits the (News Headlines). After being asked if I could get what type of event it would be I said in the thread it maybe a snow event with it being this time of year.

I am still sticking to my prediction date and would never go back on this and any future dates for weather events I get.

Keep safe folks whatever the weather event is :whistling:



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Hi Robert

Just posting this to show you that the comments option is enabled now :)


Thanks very much Ian :)


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10th February Saturday

It is looking like there could be an increasing chance of snow for northern areas. A secondary low pressure will move through with a second band of rain, a warm front with th emetoffice forecasting light nsow for my area on Satursay. also the papers will be full of the snow pictures well done for a second correct prediction :drinks:


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Yes - but the prediction was made for a significant event on the 10th - that is tomorrow.

Depends what you think is significant.... lol mabey a day or so error still very good :)


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