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17th February Manchester AGAIN.....



Yes Manchester was to showcase yet another weekend of debauchery which obviously was some time ago but it was the best weekend i've ever ever had out.....we went for tea at waga's where i tried something new which was awful but there you go, chickin chilli men again next time!

So we got ready and went to the academy to the nme tour to see the New Young Pony Club, The Sunshine Underground, Cansei de Ser Sexy and The Klaxons which was to be quite frank amazing, the NYPC i don't care much for i've seen them 3 times before but TSU where superb his voice goes right through you and they are quite heavy. CSS were bloody good too and they were the most fun it has to be said the little brazilbobs! Finally onto The Klaxons who played as tight as they usually do and treat a screaming crowd to faves such as magick, atlantis to interzone and golden skans.

Onto the Roadhouse a small venue near picc train station to see The Shakes live and Jamie Klaxon dj set, it was literally bouncing in there and we drank and danced alot and i met alot of people aswell as James Klaxon who can drink and dance with us mere mortals, nice.

After we fell to an afterparty at the Etnies peoples flat where we drank with strangers who kept appearing and dissapearing whilst some idiots found it plausible to stub fags out in expensive trainers which weren't even out yet, they were rich idiots mind.

Ta ta, DB.

p.s i got some more great records!


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