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snow raven


I am rather squiffy right now. Not sure what squiffy actually means to some, but to me, it means rather tipsy.

Anyway, had a I am stupid few weeks (you wouldnt believe how long it took me to fine the @ key on my keyboard - even if I can see double of everything right now :whistling: ) However, other than the fact life has been I need to control my languageey, the only think worthy of mentioning is.......

................ my lovely mini-me. She got 2 certificates from school this week. One for designing a book cover, the other for having a rather witty picture taken of her reading a book in an unusual place (it was Book Week at school recently) The winning picture being her reading her book in the boot of a car.

She is also in the top group for spelling and reading... just a shame she takes after me when it comes to maths. Still, thats what calculators are for. Who seriously shops in Asda's re-naming Apples as Z, Banana's as Y and Pineapple as X and working things out as Algebra?

Attached is the reading a book in an unusual place winner... The poor child really does look like I did in 1983. Well, other than Asda's didnt exist. However, Columbo would be proud of that mac.


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L, did you actually set up the picture just for the competition.

And, if so, was it Em's or your idea? :lol:

Well done to her!

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Nah, we went shopping and Em thought it would be an idea to have her picture taken in the boot of the car - so on the way back, I nipped in, grabbed the camera and a book and snapped away.

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I approve of the pink mac!

Congratulations to Em for winning the contest. :D

My boys' school didn't run it, but my friend's son's school did; and her little boy won with a photo of him on his bike, on a bike rack, on the back of their car... cycling helmet and all!!

Keep your chin up hun, but try to watch what you're stepping in as you go.

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