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well...for the last few days, I have actually got my appetite back, so fingers crossed and here's hoping that I'm through the worst of the morning-afternoon sickness....was timed perfectly to coincide with my bestest friend taking me out for lunch to celebrate my birthday last week and the sproglet.Went to Momo, which is behind Regent Street, and it was absolutely gorgeous...for those of you that don't know, it's an extremely celeb-famous Moroccan restaurant, but what I love about it, is that next door there is a beautiful cafe, which is very relaxed, does great food and which does not have the attitude of the bar/resaturant next door...Had a huge platter of various salads and hummus with baskets of mixed breads and an unending supply of mint tea.....perfect stuff for a preggers person...and not too pricey either (£25 for two with tons of food, incl tip!)What makes it even better is the whole place is decked out like a traditional Moroccan souk, and you sit on piles of cushions at low tables, with draped fabric all around, rough plastered walls and beautiful lanterns on the ceiling....LOVELY! what a nice best friend I have! :):)


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Sounds really cool, I'll have to tell my brother about it who lives in London.

Glad to hear you are starting to enjoy your food, believe me you will start to really enjoy your food soon :p

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yep...it's well worth checking out!

It's at 23-25 Heddon Street, W1...and unless you want to pay top prices, go intot he cafe bit on the left...it's v.nice! :)

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