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Another Big Adventure



Oooo I had an adventure yesterday...

I had a wedding at 2 o'clock to go to in Inverness which is a long way north of me.

08:00 - crawled out of bed - had coffee, breakfast, shower etc - started packing me bag

08:45 - booked taxi - walked dog

09:10 - finished off me packing

09:30 - got taxi to station looking dapper in me suit

12:10 - arrived at Inverness after enjoying a lovely journey, stunning scenery etc

12:20 - looking for castle which hotel is near - at river underneath a big grass bank could not see castle - walked the wrong way

12:25 - walked back the way i'd come and from the other side of the road saw that the castle was above the grass bank. felt stupid

12:30 - checked in to hotel

12:35 - changed to jeans and hoodie to fit in with the locals and headed back into town

12:45 - bought card in shop

12:50 - bought gift

12:55 - bought tie

13:00 - searched everywhere for sodding florist

13:05 - found florist with 2 old ladies ordering flower in front of me - oo when shall we get them delivered for - i dind't think about that.....

13:10 - got served by florist who sorted me out a nice buttonhole

13:15 - bought coke and 2 mars bars to keep me going

13:30 - arrive at hotel bumped into a mate and his girlfriend all looking splendid ready for the wedding. absolutely horified that i was in jeans etc carrying shopping bags

13:35 - start to get ready - have shower get into suit - figure out how to use cufflinks and pierce nipple attempting to attach buttonhole

13:58 - take my seat for the ceremony looking quite gorgeous

the rest blurs a bit but it was lovely and a good time was had by all.

So all my love and best wishes to Lisa and Dave. Twas super


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