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Feeling Tired



I feel like all my energy has been sapped today. Mowed part of the lawn and had to give up I was totally wacked :) I was so tired this afternoon that I had to go to bed this afternoon, I think the long hours at work are catching up with me. Little fella has been running me ragged, he's suffering from Grandma withdrawal so is an attention junkie. Bless him, he's really good though and has the wickest laugh that no matter what he has done just cracks you up. He was messing about eating his lunch and did the laugh and I just couldn't stop myself :) Has anyone heard of the Mouse in Old Amsterdam song? We had a strange conversation about where something was. "Where?" "there on the stair" "where on the stair?" To which I broke out into "Going Clip, clipity clop on the stair" :) Hubbie thought I was going nuts :) Well back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to it as we are down a man and it's the busiest time of the year :) Oh well at least it will be over soon :)


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"I saw a mouse


There on the stair

Where on the stair?

Right there,

A little mouse with clogs on

Well I declare!

Going clip clippety clop on the stair"

nope never heard of it :D

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And I thought I was the only loon who knew that song! :lol: :lol:

Hope work is not too strenuous Katie, make sure you get some Katie time somewhere along the line.... :)

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'A mouse lived in a windmill in old amsterdam

he thought to himself how lucky I am' LOL

Nope -not heard of it either.... :huh:

(actually love the song LOL - and will now sing it all day to annoy everyone LOL)

Katie, is this tiredness connected to anything in particular, maybe? ... ???? :o

Hope you are feeling bright and breezy again soon :)

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