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snow raven


Life's a strange thing. At the moment, I am going through the most difficult moment so far in 29 years - something, having gone through half the stuff I have had to deal so far with - seems pretty trival. But atm, I am finding it hard to deal with the day to day things in life - you know, like getting out of bed. Life really can be sh*t. Its like this is the tip of a very big ice berg and I am not sure if I will actually get through it.

God, what a depressing blog - but hey, thats how I feel.

Anyway, life continues - and mini raven has woken to announce she can hear gorilla's in her bedroom. Like you do.


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When you're dealing with big things, it's the little things that tip you over the edge.


Oh and get Mini Raven an anti-gorrilla stick... :D

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Well Lee life is never balanced. and the good never seems good enough when the bad comes along. but the only consolation is the bad never lasts long and with strength and determination (which i know you have) i am sure you will see the better side of things soon. half term with mini-raven should brighten you up a bit, but tell her you are not cleaning up after the gorillas :lol:

Big hugs

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Just tell Mini raven that she must be in the warmest part of the jungle...........under the grillers :rolleyes:

Sometimes life is peachy but then the big boots of naff life march in and well...........it's pants. Remember we all have to have pants but we need to put things on top of them to get on with life sometimes.

Big hug, hope things get better soon


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