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Civil Partnership Plans (28days to go)



Darren and I get "Civil Partnershiped" 4 weeks today.

Frankly we need a wedding planner. Or a Civil Partnership planner. You name it, it's gone wrong lately.

The wedding party was to be held at our best mates pub. He took it over last September. Then 5 weeks ago this happened..... See below.

Yup the glass washer set the whole pub up in flames. We've spent hours trying to sort things out- washing cleaning, but the insurance company have finally decided to rebuild. Luckily the fire crew got Dave the landlord out and his partner.

So we have to redo all the invites tomorrow. Thankly the pub down the road is having us free of charge.

I will never complain about council tax again. I don't mind paying for the fire service at all now.

So we're off to see what the new pub can offer for our big day. Wish us luck :rolleyes:

Wyndham Arms, Stonehouse, Plymouth. 1826- 12th May 2007. Reopening in December (after light dusting!!!! :rolleyes: )

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Sorry to hear about the pub,but glad your friends are all ok.Good luck with your plans im sure it will all come together and you and darran will have a fantastic day.

All the best


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