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*Groans under breath*

Tim B


Well it looks as if nature had quite a party in some parts of the UK over the last 24 hours, and is continuing to do so in northern Ireland atm.

However it would seem that mother nature had guzzled far too many Tequilas by the time the party got to me during the early hours of this morning and was feeling a bit worse for where, and has now spent most of today in a heap hugging the toilet with a splitting headache, sick down the front of her shirt and drooling on to her jeans (as well as the cold, damp bathroom tiles)

I was woken up again earlier by what sounded slightly like thunder at first, but it was just the DIY kings again..

Following this I made my way down the stairs to have a certain cat of mine running around my feet constantly emanating a sound that can only be described as something similar to a run away petrol lawn mower that escaped from farmer Ted, and after devouring its way through 3 hedges, a family of hedgehogs and the Brackwell pumpkin patch. Slammed right through my kitchen window eating up my copper change jar in an unholy screech like 1000 nails on a giant chalk board whilst simultaneously shredding a 10 gallon sack of cat litter scattering it out in all directions, sending pots and pans flying and ultimately causing the utter carnage which currently resides in there.

(Yes, the cat noise was down to her wanting to feed her face with yet more envelopes of that Whiskers Churchill downs mystery meat cuts in gravy)

Why do I get the feeling its going to be one of THOSE days..?


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